Ty Seddon

Software Architect & Data Scientist

Ty Seddon is a Software Architect and Data Scientist with 25 years of experience in turning innovative ideas into powerful solutions. Ty has been the technical lead on over 100 successful large-scale projects.  Ty has also been an owner or executive in 10 start-ups and has implemented 5 patents.  Beyond his experience in start-ups, Ty has led multi-million-dollar engagements with organizations such as Bureau of Labor Statistics, State of North Carolina, Johnson Controls, and Rotary International.

Over his career, Ty has helped many organizations strategically build out their technology teams and platforms.  His holistic approach integrates research, product development, business modeling, and operations to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Ty’s technical specialty is building scalable, big data systems that leverage machine learning and expert systems to solve complex problems.  Ty’s favorite part of this work is his opportunity to work with subject matter experts and scientists from a diverse set of disciplines.


Software Architecture

Data Science

Machine Learning

Big Data

Cloud Architecture

Systems Integration



Team Leadership

Executive Consulting

Business Analysis

Strategic Planning


Public Speaking

Data Story Telling


Current Languages

F#, C#, R, Python, Julia, SQL, JavaScript

Previous Languages

C, C++, Lisp, VB.Net, VB, VBA, Flex/ActionScript, XSLT, Java, Fortran, Pascal, Basic

Microsoft .NET

C#, F#, ASP.Net Core, ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework, LINQ, OData


Functions, App Services, Azure SQL, Chat Bot

Cognitive Services, Cosmos DB, VPN, Machine Learning, Application Insights, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Performance & Scalability Testing, DevOps


Azure SQL, SQL Server, Cosmos DB, SQL Analysis Services, PostgreSQL, Performance Optimization

Data Analysis & Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services

R, dplyr, ggplot2, mlr, plotly, Python, Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Dask, Jupyter Notebooks, Microsoft Power BI, DAX, MDX, SQL Analysis Services

Web & Mobile

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Angular, ReactJS, React Native, Knockout, Bootstrap, plotly, Kendo UI, Telerik Reporting, DevExpress Charting