Notable Projects

Intelligent Stock Analysis

Created an A.I. suite to analyze publicly traded stocks, build portfolios, and automate daily buy and sell decisions. Implemented patented price sentiment analysis algorithms. Architected big data analysis on Azure to perform deep fundamental analysis for all U.S. publicly traded companies across 20 years. Oversaw daily investment technology operations. Defined strategic direction with CEO and pitched to investors.

Azure Big Data Migration

Architected big data stock analysis system on Microsoft Azure. Implemented using F# and Cosmos DB to scale across 100+ processing servers to perform deep fundamental analysis on over 20 years of financial filings for all U.S. publicly traded companies.

Rotary International

Architected the new “Rotary Club Central”, a web-based tracking and collaboration tool used by 35,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and territories. The system was deployed to Azure using App Services and Azure SQL. Since this was Rotary’s first Azure deployment, a great deal of consulting was required for existing technical staff as well as for executives who needed to understand the new resource models. Integrated with Okta for authentication. Built a custom synchronization engine for to integrate with various internal systems.

Johnson Controls – Project Management Suite for Engineers

A project management solution was developed for Johnson Controls that enabled hundreds of engineering teams to manage thousands of building efficiency projects. A scalable, enterprise architecture was implemented to support the growing suite of tools. The system included about 10 different modules including budgets, costs, project plan, team management, security management, document management, and collaboration. The system receives data from several different databases within the organization. The system has become a central hub of data for new projects. REST web services provide new tools easy access to this centralized database.

Pre-Employment Screener for Law Enforcement

Collaborated with a psychologist to convert his paper-based personal history questionnaire into an interactive and dynamic interviewer. The questionnaire adapts itself based on the user’s responses. This allows the questionnaire to avoid asking irrelevant questions. It also allows the asking of follow-up questions when appropriate. The result is a questionnaire that enforced a higher level of quality, truthfulness, and thoroughness. An expert system was then developed to process the responses. This expert system employed a custom-built rule-based programming language. This language allowed the developers to more quickly integrate the system’s components and allowed the client to define the rules in the way that made the most sense to them. Instead of a human psychologist being limited to 20 face-to-face interviews per day, the automated system interviews thousands of applicants every day, allowing the business to scale by orders of magnitude. This increased workload, eventually necessitated the creation of a distributed, agent-based framework for executing expert system rules and producing reports for police agencies. Those reports were then blockchain stamped for auditing purposes and published to a custom-built secure website that managed the workflow for police agencies. The analysis process developed was eventually granted a US patent.

Johnson Controls – Business Dashboard for Building Efficiency Division

Another project for Johnson Controls is for executives who need an aggregated view of current and past projects. A business dashboard provides ask to on-demand reports. Reports can be customized, saved, and shared among users. This system is part of their routine performance reviews.

Investment Technology Operations

Oversaw daily investment technology operations for separately managed accounts. Integrated portfolio management system with Interactive Brokers and Charles Schwab.

Mutual Fund

Launched a publicly available mutual fund. Responsible for technical integration with brokerage firm, fund accounting, fund administration, custodian bank, compliance, Interactive Brokers, and Charles Schwab.

End-to-End Order Management

Built a web-based order entry, inventory, and dispatching system for Harrell’s, a national producer and distributor of customized fertilizer blends. Integrated with several internal systems including Great Plains.

Mobile Order Processing for Sales Reps

Harrell’s is a nationwide producer and distributor of customized fertilizer blends. Their sales representatives are extremely mobile and require the ability to place orders for customers while on the go. Developed a custom mobile application that allows sales reps to view pricing information, place orders, check orders, and view reports.

Sales Dashboard

Another project for Harrell’s was the creation of a dashboard for sales managers and executives. This dashboard was used to monitor this year’s sales vs last years sales vs historical trends, by region, sales person, product category, etc.

Stocks Big Data Dashboard

Created a dashboard for monitoring the daily big data processing of publicly traded stocks and their SEC filings. This was used to identify market trends as well as perform daily QA of the data and processing.

Valuation and Acquisition

Participated in strategic and tactical planning for a client preparing for valuation and acquisition. Relocated server production environment to a Tier IV data center. Redesigned accounting system and processes for cost accounting. Migrated to NetSuite™ for integrated CRM, ERP, and e-Commerce. Managed and participated in all phases of product life cycle. Administered mission-critical web sites and databases. Provided support for customers, end users and sales staff. Established baseline processes and policies in preparation for acquisition.

Bureau of Labor Statistics – Data Warehouse

Created a prototype of a new federal standard for data analysis of UI wage records. For the prototype 172 million records were analyzed to produce a 120 GB SQL Server database. Microsoft Analysis Services (OLAP) was used to transform the database from relational to multidimensional. An ASP.Net web application reads multidimensional data to produce charts, maps, and tables. A sophisticated custom query engine was created to allow the user to query the OLAP data.

NC Department of Commerce – Tax Fraud

Created tax fraud detection system which has recovered millions of dollars in lost state revenue. System identifies suspicious patterns that may indicate a “SUTA dumping” scheme. This system was based on work done for the BLS.

Peer-to-Peer Medical Research System

Created systems architecture and prototype of a peer-to-peer medical record research and e-commerce system. Collaborated with team of developers in incremental implementation of the system. Built a service-oriented workflow system, a peer-to-peer architecture, and an e-commerce website. A research network was then implemented on top of those base services to integrate all the systems. This system was based on a patent held by Thomas Leiper of Shepherd Medical Solutions.

Municipal Water Utility Infrastructure Analysis

Developed for Johnson Controls, a sophisticated modeling system of a municipality’s water usage bills used to make recommendations on the replacement of water meters. The installation of more accurate water meters yields higher revenues for the municipality. Because the installation of new meters is an expensive undertaking, the system performs the financial calculations necessary to demonstrate the return on investment. It also enables the engineer to customize the solution to yield the greatest benefit at the lowest possible cost.

NC Department of Commerce – Labor Market Research Systems

Maintained SQL stored procedures for the ALMIS standard, recommended architectural changes to the ALMIS standard to improve performance, administered database servers. Designed and develop a prototype of distributed, web service version of ALMIS access methods to enable states to access each other’s databases over the Internet in a secure and neutral way.


Developed an natural language processing expert system for comparing legal requirements for medical professionals practicing telemedicine across legal jurisdictions.

World’s First Intelligent Map

NavDog.com map search represents an evolutionary step in design concept and user interface that combines the advances in modern Business Intelligence with consumer information need. NavDog uses geography as the common platform that connects people with goods and services, ties market silos together, and exposes the natural contextual relationships that exist in our world. NavDog proprietary technology in the mapping layer creates a seamless real-time experience. NavDog shifts the paradigm from a search for specific information to an information browsing experience with the ability to engage the user in virtual exploration of real places. Unlike current mapping systems that require a new topical search for each new subject, NavDog uses machine learning to derive the intent of the user and continually presents new relevant information as the user explores.

NC Department of Commerce – JobLink

Created the JobLink registration system for employment and training services offered by the state of North Carolina. This system manages approximately 100,000 individuals per month. System has since been renamed NCWorks.


Created a new version of the Acroprint web site using Microsoft Commerce Server and ASP.Net

Emergency Management

Developed a patented e-commerce system for charity and emergency management organizations.

Insurance Agent Commissions

Developed management system for the complex sales commission schemes that exist in the insurance industry.

Real Estate

Redesigned web site and database of Raleigh’s largest real estate agency to handle home searches, user management, saved searches, email notification. Integrated with MLS system. Created a custom content management system for office staff to manage.